Facebook, Thumbnails and My Love Hate Relationship

How to force Facebook to show thumbnails of a link

I’ve just started this site and I am not big on social media other than Facebook. Sure, I use Twitter and Reddit but I am not an avid poster or sharer on anything but Facebook. Needless to say, as of now Facebook is my only means of “promotion” for this website. I share on my main page and on groups I follow that might have shared interest in a blog post that I’ve published.

One of my biggest frustrations with Facebook and sharing website links, are thumbnails! Usually I’ll finish a blog post and I’ll share to my page instantly. My problem is there will be the wrong images as the thumbnail (usually because I forget to add a feature image) or there is no thumbnail at all. The latter is the most frustrating, as links without thumbnail will rarely generate a visit.

Here is what I’ve found to be a useful tool before posting a link to Facebook and force a thumbnail to appear with a link:

Go to the Facebook Developers Debug Tool:

Enter the link in the text box and select debug.

You should see your thumbnail under link preview. If you don’t like what you see go back to your website make the proper revisions and before posting the link, click on scrape again. When you select scrape again and there is a change Facebook will show the correct information instantly, instead of having to wait for Facebook to auto update later on.

Once you are happy with your results, plaster the link all over Facebook! I hope this has helped someone, it definitely saved me time and headaches in my already busy, stressful life.

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