The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I am completely new to WordPress, but excited to get started! I want to blog about once a week, if not, every few days. Nevertheless, I figure I should start with a “Who Am I” post:

As my bio states, I am a 26 year old North Carolinian, living in the quaint town of Oxford. I have my hands in anything dealing with Amateur Radio, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Guns, Anarchism, and anything else you would imagine a free-thinking tech adventurist dabbles in.

Currently, I am really into scanner listening and anything RADIO! I have been in the communication field for over a decade and I have always had a scanner, handheld radio, or CB within arms reach. With that said, I held off of becoming a licensed amateur radio operator for years, partly because my job required me to travel extensively and I never actually got the chance to get involved with the HAM radio community until just recently. March 2018 I received my ticket, KN4KNG is my call letters. Still only a Technician, I hope to upgrade to General within a month or two and finally Extra (maybe one day).

Since I work for one of the big 4 cellular companies (via a Turf Vendor) I am most interested in Radio Over Internet Protocol (ROIP), Digital Communications, and Encrypted radio; however,  I can’t leave out how fascinated I am with the ability to talk around the world with “10 watts and a wire”.

When I am not trying to find time when I squeeze in a few minutes mashing the Push To Talk and bumping my gums, I am usually glued to a computer screen for both work and pleasure. My most favorite past times is to argue politics on both sides of our bi-partisan spectrum online. I know, I am the guy most of my friends mute and block when I have my rants, but usually I keep those to the closed groups to spare my relatives the eye rolls. Most would label me as a crazed Anarchist but, Agorist is the proper term.

A variant of Anarcho-Capitalism, Agorism is a political ideology coined by George Edward Konkin III that advocates for an open market and to prioritize individual freedoms by removing state coercion. To sum it up, taxation is theft and anything that taxes fund should be supported by a community, to include Courts, Security and Social Services by voluntarily-funded competitors.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the support from my family. I have a wife and two kids, who keep me busy, even while I am keeping myself busy. For the times I am not a a computer or radio, search for me in the woods or try to spot the oversized pop-up camper being pulled behind a small pickup. We enjoy camping with family and friends wherever we can throw a kayak in the water. If we could stay in the wilderness camping and enjoying our family time we would stay until we ran out of food, but we usually are back in time for Sunday afternoon church.

Even though I am a non-denominational Christian, I attend a Spanish speaking Fundamental Independent Baptist church. I help the church, while appealing to my addiction to electronics, as the audio visual guy. In terms of Christianity, I may not always be the person I need to be, but I am always thankful for my life and salvation that God has given me.

If you made it this far, I promise I will keep it more interesting. I’d like to do reviews, tutorial and share documents and software in the future. Feel free to reach out to me whenever, especially if you have any questions or have anything you’d like to see me cover.

73’s for now de KN4KNG


  1. I guess I should have read this one first. I started at the top of the list. After reading the last one, which was actually the first one, I was anxious to read more, but there aren’t any more – unread posts, that is.
    Needless to say, I’m looking forward to reading your next one… no, that’s not right… I mean your next first one? No.. Hmmm… 🤔

    … I’m looking forward to reading your currently unpublished, possibly unwritten, newest first on the list yet chronologically last future post! 😬

    Keep up the great work, my friend!


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